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New Website Coming Soon...ish!

If you've visited my site over the past 2+ years, you've no doubt noticed I haven't added shit since January 2011. No new images, no new tutorials, no porn... nothing! It's not that I hate you internet, I simply just haven't had time.

But I'm hoping to change all that with the launch of a new, sleeker, sexier, website later this year. So check back early and often (well not too often ;) and hopefully there will be something new here. If not, then I apologize for wasting your time and thank you for stopping by.

In the mean time, if tutorials is what you seek, then click on this handy link. You'll be transported through a "series of tubes" to Cgtuts+, where you'll find all of my tutorials, projects files, etc. (Pro Tip* you might have to scroll a bit to get past my editor posts, but the tuts are still there, I promise!)

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